2 Unobtrusive Home Security Products That Won't Ruin The Appearance Of Your Doors And Windows

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2 Unobtrusive Home Security Products That Won't Ruin The Appearance Of Your Doors And Windows

13 June 2018
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Like many other Australians, home security is probably a high priority for you and your family. Often the need to ensure that your home is safe is at odds with the desire to maintain a stylish and attractive aesthetic. Fortunately, by choosing some of the excellent home security products that will fulfil their practical role without diminishing from your home's beautiful features and fittings. Here are two great security features that will work incredibly well and will help to maintain the clean and elegant look of your home.

1. Crimsafe security screens

Security screens are one of the most effective ways that you can make your home's doors and windows more secure. Unfortunately, traditional screens with their oppressive aluminium frames and dark grilles can detract from the beauty of your glazing and timber work.

The solution is to use modern security screens. These security screens have been proven to virtually impenetrable to forcible entry and use a combination of strong metal screens and super strong but fine security mesh.

The great thing about options like Crimsafe security screens is that they're very unobtrusive. They won't cover up the decorative and architectural features of our doors and windows, and they provide an unobstructed view to the outdoors when you're inside your home.

2. Security window film

Another great security product that won't negatively impact the look of your home is security window film. This is an excellent option for windows that are fixed in place and don't require a screen and also for second-floor windows.

Security window film is a thin, adhesive material that's applied to the external face of your windows. It may be thin but it's very strong and makes it very difficult to smash through the window glass to gain entry. It's also a great choice to use on windows that have a high drop outside them to prevent accidental falling from inside the home.

You can also opt for a window film that provides visual security. This film effectively turns your windows into two-way mirrors. Passersby will not be able to see through the glass to the interior of your home but you'll have an unhindered view outside.

A secure home and a beautiful home don't have to be mutually exclusive. With these two excellent home security products, you'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe and still enjoy the attractive features of your home that you love so much.