Does Your Home Need a Water Filter?

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Does Your Home Need a Water Filter?

21 September 2020
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How safe is your water supply? It can be easy to turn on your tap and assume that the clear water flowing into your sink is safe to drink, but that may not be the case. The quality of the water that you consume will impact your health, so you must ensure that all of the water in your property has been appropriately filtered before you use it.

What lurks in unfiltered water?

Water can come from a variety of sources. You might be taking your home water supply from a borehole, from the water company or from a combination of both. Depending on where your water is sourced, you could be faced with a range of contaminants such as minerals, salts, or even lead from old water pipes. These contaminants have the potential to affect your health and could make you seriously ill as you continue to consume the water over time and these contaminants build up in your body. The best solution is to find a supplier of home water filters and identify the most appropriate filter system for your home.

Which home water filters are best?

The right water filter will depend on exactly what contaminants you are trying to remove.  If you are use water from a borehole, then you will probably have high levels of dissolved solids in the water that will have to be filtered before you can drink it. If your water supply comes from a water company and is sourced from rivers and lakes, then you will be more interested in UV home water filters instead.

Where should home water filters be placed?

You can obtain home water filters that purify the water as it enters your home and before it is separated to your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your property. Alternatively, you could opt for simply purifying the water in one part of your property, such as the kitchen. By placing a filter under your sink or on your kitchen benchtop, you can be sure that the water you use to drink and prepare food is safe to use, while water you use only for washing clothes and similar purposes is left alone. To identify the most appropriate home water filters for your property, it is best to start by having a test conducted to find out what may be hiding in your water. Once you know what you want to filter, your filter installation company will be able to suggest the home water filter that is best suited to your needs.