Renovation Tips For Brightening Up An Old Home

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Renovation Tips For Brightening Up An Old Home

25 April 2016
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Houses lose their appeal and glamour with age, because of the wear and tear that takes place on the house structures, as well as, the items inside the house. However, there are some areas that seem to wear off faster than others. Below are renovation ideas for damage-prone areas that will help brighten up your old house.

Refurbishment of Wooden Surfaces

Wooden surfaces are prone to damage caused by weather, stains and physical impact such as abrasion. If the wooden area is just dull without any damage on the finish or wood, then repaint the surface to give it a new look. Consider changing the previous color also and go for bright colors such as whites.

However, if the surface has stains, buy a good wood stain remover and clean out the spots. If the stains go beneath the topcoat, then you will be required to scrape off the old finishing so that you can get to the stains and remove them effectively. After stain removal, refinish the wooden surface and do an overall coat on the entire surface or furniture.

A scratch cover also comes in handy in the refurbishment of wooden surfaces with minor scratches. In case a part of your furniture or the wooden surface is rotten or entirely split, hire a professional carpenter to come and replace the damaged area and then repaint the entire item for uniformity.

Brighten Up Your Windows

Often windows easily show signs of aging, especially along the window frames and panels. Replace damaged panels and frames, and repaint old ones both on the inside and outside. Brighten up the window area on the inside by fixing a new curtain box and buying new curtains and window sheers. Also, add brightly colored potted flowers on each side of the window to enhance the appeal of the area.

Spruce up the outer part of the windows by fixing external shutters, if you don't already have them. However, if you have external shutters, then repaint them. Consider using bright colors and colors that were not in use before, so that you can create a new look and a sense of change. Also, spruce up the look by adding hanging basket flowers on each side of the shutters.

Tile Painting

Painting tiles is a great, effective and affordable way of making tiled surfaces look brand new. You can actually change the color of your tiles entirely. Also, you can paint your tiles in different colors such that it would appear as if you have two differences sets of new tiles.

Hire a professional service provider to come and do the tile paint job. Otherwise, you can do-it-yourself, provided you have the necessary tools. Tile painting involves some major steps which are cleaning, sanding, wiping and drying, painting and marking the edges. Remember to use a masking tape before you start to protect any areas you don't want to get the paint.

Renovating an old house does not have to be expensive or take years to achieve. Consider basic, yet effective, ideas to brighten your old home.