How to Freshen and Brighten Your Home For Spring

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How to Freshen and Brighten Your Home For Spring

2 May 2016
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As the spring season arrives, it is time for a fresh start. This often includes spring cleaning your home and bringing out your favorite décor items. Here are some easy ways to freshen and brighten up your home for the spring season.

Paint the Front Door

An excellent way to brighten up your home and add colour when spring starts is to paint your front door. If you simply want to brighten up the front of your house, you can stick to painting the exterior of your door only. However, you can also paint the interior side of the door as well to add some more colour to the inside of your home as well. Depending on the style of your home, consider going with a bright colour like teal or turquoise, yellow, or a bright green colour. It is an easy job to do yourself and really gets you ready for the season. Make sure you clean and sand the door prior to adding primer and then painting it.

Let in Fresh Air and Natural Light

In order to brighten up the inside of your home, one of the best things you can do is allow natural lighting to come in, along with fresh air. Start by getting new window treatments that easily let light in. If you currently have dark hardwood blinds, consider switching to a lighter colour of blinds to brighten up the space. Blinds are a great choice because you can open them as much as you want to control how much light you get, but they also provide privacy in the evenings. For curtains, consider switching to sheer curtains or a pretty floral pattern. Keep the windows open as much as possible for the fresh air.

Bring in Plants and Flowers

For spring décor, an excellent way to add spring colours and a brighter appearance to your home is with flowers and plants. Switch your current table centerpieces with a vase or basket of fresh-cut flowers. Bring in some new houseplants that thrive in the spring and are easy to take care of, such as African violets, peace lilies, or hibiscus. Flowers like tulips and some types of roses are also great for spring. You can also use flowers in your other spring décor, whether you choose to have floral kitchen towels and rugs in your kitchen, or add brand new tulip-shaped wall sconces to your dining room.