Tips to Keeping Your Folding Arm Awnings in Pristine Condition

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Tips to Keeping Your Folding Arm Awnings in Pristine Condition

31 May 2016
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If you have a deck or a patio, one of the more popular options for outdoor blinds is folding arm awnings. Not only do these outdoor blinds provide you with much needed shade during the sweltering summer days, but being foldable ensues that they can be closed when not in use. However, a mistake some homeowners make is forgetting about the maintenance of their folding arm awnings when they have been closed during the colder months. Here are some handy tips that you can use to keep your folding arm awnings in pristine condition.

Regularly inspect the folding arms of the awnings

The folding arm of outdoor awnings is typically made from metallic materials such as steel. When the awnings are kept closed since they are not in use, it does not automatically means that the folding arm is safe from acquiring damage. Left unchecked, these folding arms could start developing rust or loosened screws. This is why it is prudent to regularly inspect the folding arm. In the event of corrosion, you can have the problem remedied and prevent further damage by opting to powder coat these metallic parts. Any loosened screws should be tightened to prevent further loosening as this could affect how your folding arm awnings operate. When carrying out these inspections, you should also consider lubricating the movable parts of the awnings so that they do not get jammed. However, do not leave any excess grease on these components, as they will start attracting dirt and grime.

Regularly inspect the motorization of the folding arm awnings

Another form of maintenance that should be carried out when your awnings are not in use is its motorization. This may seem like an inconvenient task since they are not in use. However, checking if the motorization is working in proper order reduces the chances of having to deal with malfunctioning awnings down the road. It should be noted that even if the awnings are not being opened and closed regularly, there is still the chance of the motor being exposed to humidity. Leaving this unchecked will result in a damage motor. Therefore, it would be best to always inspect if the motor is functioning as it should be.

Regularly clean the folding arm awnings

When it comes to the appearance of your folding arm awnings, homeowners typically know that harmful UV rays from the sun tend to be the main culprit for fading. However, the sun is not the only element that can compromise the appearance of your awnings. Trapped debris in the awnings and accumulation of dirt can cause severe staining. This is why it would be prudent to regularly clean the awnings, even when they are not in use.