Reasons to Consider Double Lined Curtains for Your Home

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Reasons to Consider Double Lined Curtains for Your Home

20 June 2016
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If you are looking to update the curtains or blinds in your home, then you should consider window treatments that are not only decorative but functional too. Functional window treatments do not only enhance the comfort of your home, but they also can significantly reduce your energy bills over time. One great option to consider would be double lined curtains. Conventional curtains will typically have two swatches of fabric that have been stitched together: one that faces the interior of the home and another that acts as an outer lining. With double lined curtains, there is an inner swatch of material that has been sandwiched in between the two inner and outer fabrics. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider double lined curtains for your home. 

Double lined curtains enhance the energy efficiency of your home

With double lined curtains, the inner material that is stitched between the inner and outer fabric makes the curtains heavier than their conventional counterparts are. This reinforcement of the curtains structure creates a denser curtain. The denser the curtain is, the harder it is for heat to pass through your home and be lost to the outdoors. Double lines curtains are especially great during the colder winter months as you can keep them drawn and ensure your home does not lose heat. This also functions to reduce your overall energy bill, as you will not have to keep your heating running for long stretches of time. 

Double lined curtains are more durable

If you are tired of replacing your window treatments on a regular basis due to wear and tear, then double lined curtains are an ideal option to consider. Since the curtains are made of several layers of fabric, they tend to be sturdier than conventional curtains. This makes it harder for them to succumb to wear and tear as their thickness makes them more durable. Additionally, the inner layer of double lined curtains functions to enhance the structural integrity of the curtains. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your curtains losing shape over time and becoming an eyesore. As long as they are being well maintained, they tend to have higher longevity when compared to their traditional counterparts. 

Double lined curtains can filter out natural light

Double lined curtains are great for bedrooms as they can filter out natural light. It should be noted, though, that their ability to decrease the amount of light that penetrates your bedroom would be directly proportional to how thick the curtains are. As such, if you are a light sleeper and would like black out curtains, you should opt for the heaviest fabric available.