Full-Length Mirrored Wardrobe vs Single Pane: Benefits of Both for Your Bedroom

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Full-Length Mirrored Wardrobe vs Single Pane: Benefits of Both for Your Bedroom

14 February 2017
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If you want to add a mirror to your bedroom, using the wardrobe can be a great solution. You can either use a full-length mirrored wardrobe or simply choose a wardrobe that has a single mirror fitted into one of the doors.

To help yourself choose, just read through this quick list covering the benefits of each option.

The Benefits of a Full-Length Mirrored Wardrobe

With a full-length mirrored wardrobe, pretty much the whole of the exterior will be covered in mirror from the top of the door right down to where it meets the floor, and this comes with several advantages.

Everyone knows that adding a mirror to a room is a great way to make it appear larger, since mirrors present the illusion of more space. When those mirrors run from the top to the bottom of your wardrobe as well as along several wardrobe doors, it makes a room look incredibly open. If you're dealing with quite a small space, a full-length mirrored wardrobe can be ideal.

Additionally, mirrors make a room lighter since they reflect light instead of block it, so you can really help illuminate a darker room. You'll also find it nicer to dress yourself in front of a set of full-length mirrored doors since you will able to see yourself from different angles. You'll also be able to see yourself from top to bottom.

The Benefits of a Single Mirrored Wardrobe Section

Many wardrobes now come with a single mirrored surface, usually set within the middle of one of the doors. These present a much smaller area in which to admire yourself or choose an outfit, and you might not be able to see all of yourself at once, but there are still plenty of reasons to opt for this configuration.

The most important reasons revolve around practicality. There is really no denying the fact that mirrored surfaces are quite hard to keep clean. Dust will show up clearly, and smudges are very easy to make. When you're dealing with full-length mirrored doors, it can seem close to impossible to keep them looking great all the time, but that isn't a problem you're going to run into with a single mirrored section. Additionally, mirrors are much easier to break than wood or plastic, so you won't need to stress about breakages as much with less mirrored surfaces.

Finally, you'll need to consider whether you really want to see your reflection all the time. It might sound odd, but many people dislike having their own reflection opposite them whenever they are in the room, especially in a more intimate area like the bedroom. It's not a problem for everyone, but it's still something to keep in mind.