2 Design Ideas That Will Make Your Vanity Unit the Star of Your New Bathroom

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2 Design Ideas That Will Make Your Vanity Unit the Star of Your New Bathroom

12 June 2018
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When it comes to interior design, creating a key focal feature in a room is one of the fundamental principles. This is certainly true in the bathroom and adopting this principle can take your new bathroom from great to incredible. Often, bathrooms use elegant free-standing bathtubs as a focal point, but if you have a small bathroom, then this may not be possible.

As an excellent alternative, the vanity unit is an excellent choice for creating an eye-catching focal feature in a small bathroom. Here are two simple design ideas that will help to make your new bathroom vanity the star of the bathroom.

1. Choose a statement sink

The sink is an essential part of the vanity but it can serve a strong aesthetic role as well. A benchtop mounted sink in a decorative and contemporary shape can lift the look of the vanity and give the whole bathroom a modern and elegant look.

Benchtop mounted sinks come in a range of shapes, colours and materials. For a truly luxurious and classic look, a beautiful natural stone sink made from limestone, granite or marble is an ideal choice. You can opt for a curved sink if you like a softer and more organic look or a squared shape for an edgier and ultra-modern vibe.

Double sinks are very much in vogue right now and give your vanity unit that extra wow factor. However, only try this if you have plenty of room for a fairly long vanity counter. You may be able to squeeze in two sinks on a short vanity but if that means you are left with little to no bench space, then it's probably better to stick with a single, beautiful sink.

2. Choose striking tapware

If the sink is the centrepiece of the vanity unit, then the tapware is the icing on the cake. In a small bathroom where the vanity unit is the focal feature, you can really get creative with striking and sculptural tapware that's decorative and a little bit extravagant.

Metallic tapware in hues such as rose gold, brass and brushed chrome are the epitome of high fashion in the bathroom at the moment. For a timeless and sophisticated look, separate hot and cold taps coupled with a slender, curved spout will work best. If you're aiming for a more urban and sleek look, a funky mixer tap will look sleek and smooth.